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WA mine safety levy reduced

Mine Safety Levies Western Australia

The Western Australian Government is reducing the Mines Safety Levy by 20 per cent from July 1, 2020 to provide relief to mining companies during the COVID-19 Crisis.

Mines and Petroleum Minister Bill Johnston has directed the current rate of 21 cents per billable hour to be reduced to 17 cents.

  • WA Mines Safety Levy to be reduced by 20 per cent to 17 cents per billable hour
  • Worker safety remains a priority for the McGowan Government

Billable hours reflect the number of hours worked at a mine site over the financial year, and is used as the basis for calculating the levy charged to the mining company.


Minister Johnston said “The reduction in the mine safety levy will help support mining companies during this difficult time.

Western Australia’s resources sector is playing an important part in ensuring our State, and the rest of the country, can recover after COVID-19″

The mine safety levy funds safety and health regulatory services for Western Australia’s mining industry.

Other States of Australia have not moved to reduce the substantial mine safety levies.

In NSW the Mine and Petroleum Site Safety Levy (the amount contributed to the Mine and Petroleum Site Safety Fund) for 2018-19 was $34.989 million.

In Queensland the safety and health fee in 2016–17 was estimated at 36.4 million. (See Note One)


Queensland resources safety and health Regulator and funding models Project Management Office Report June 2018 Available at

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