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Australian Company Transforming Mining With Powerless Illumination

The clever use of natural properties derived from rare earth minerals has resulted in an innovative world-first technology for Gold Coast-based, family-run business, Glo-X.


The company has skyrocketed to world leader status after their powerless illumination ‘light recycling’ technology Glo-X was released to the Australian market in November last year.


The patented photoluminescent technology is pioneering the way for non-toxic, powerless lighting providing a cost-effective and failsafe alternative for areas where power is not readily available, but illumination is required.


Glo-X managing director Kris McKenna, together with his brother Josh, have continued to develop the technology and the variety of products which include an extensive range of safety gear and everyday items.


“Photoluminescent technology has been used plenty of times before but until now, its potential has not been realised,” says Mr McKenna.


“We are learning there are so many ways this technology can be incorporated into our lives, and by using our high-quality solvent-based acrylic illuminating paint, we can customise products to suit companies’ needs.


“Every time I get put in a dark environment, my brain starts thinking about new ways the technology can be used.”


While other luminescent or glow-in-the-dark products on the market use a phosphorescent reaction, Glo-X products use a photoluminescence reaction created from a mix of rare earth minerals.


The innovative Glo-X products quickly absorb and recycle UV light, either from a natural or artificial source, with one hour of full exposure providing more than 10-hours of powerless glow.


Requiring no maintenance, the technology which is the first of its kind on the market, is one-hundred per cent failsafe if there has been at least one hour of ‘charge’ by a natural or powered light source.


“There is a huge need for this technology in the safety side of mining, from line marking and safety markers on doorways, staircases or operational equipment, to fire block or hazard signs, that remain visible when dark.”


“I see it used on worksites, in people’s homes and in their tackle box. In the future I see Glo-X lighting up the world.”


With all Glo-X paints produced in Sydney and plastics modelled on the Gold Coast, Glo-X is proudly an Australian-made and owned company and Mr McKenna plans on keeping it that way.


“Even though we’re a global company, Glo-X will remain on the Gold Coast to ensure continued high production standards and quality control,” says Mr McKenna.


“Our family operated team oversee the production of Glo-X from start to finish, and it’s something we are really proud of.”


With a team of experts in the field of design, manufacture and logistics, Glo-X has the ability to innovate, design and manufacture products across a broad spectrum of industries, including mining, camping, auto, marine, military, residential and commercial and with distribution networks in Australia, USA, Europe and Asia Pacific regions, products are available worldwide.


Glo-X provides a 5-year guarantee for all products, with its plastic carbon-tested to last up to 30 years.

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