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Must-have PPE – A new level of safety


Don’t be liable – demand the best for your company and staff.  Incorporate the new standard in PPE with Safe Lace Industrial.

Demand nothing less than Zero Harm for your employees across all work sites.

  • As an employer, OHS is and needs to be your #1 priority – Safety Standards require you as an employer to determine if ‘hazards’ are present and if ‘possible danger’ is an outcome from these hazards.
  • If hazards are present or likely to be present, then you are required to select and have each employee use the appropriate types of PPE that will protect each person from such harm.
  • Safety on work sites and PPE progresses and improves constantly – Safe Lace Industrial is a must have in PPE increasing the safety of your workers each and every day.

Examples of the requirements for PPE to be worn onsite are as follows:

Hard hats must be worn if ‘possible danger’ of a head injury from impact or falling or flying objects or from electrical shock and burns is determined.

Eye and face protection must be worn if ‘potential injury’ is determined from machines or operations that are present in the work environment that may cause ‘potential’ eye or face injury

High-visibility wear must be worn if the hazard assessment shows ‘possible danger’ to the worker through exposure to traffic, poor lighting and visibility or if certain jobs or functions being carried out need to be ‘visibly’ identifiable from other workers in the area.

Protective footwear must be worn if there is a ‘potential danger’ of foot injury due to falling or rolling objects or objects piercing the sole.

After seeing the above PPE information and knowing that your company would want to take every precaution to make sure that all staff are protected from potential hazards which could cause an injury, it’s obvious that the ‘potential danger’ of your employees work boot laces causing an accident or injury is present on every worksite, every single day.

Safe Lace Industrial is a simple, extremely effective product offering a new standard in safety which will let you tick all the boxes when it comes to offering the safest workplace for your workers.

Be confident that you have taken every possible safety precaution available to have your staff and worksites listed amongst the safest in the world. Make sure your company adds Safe Lace Industrial to the list of PPE requirements just as you do with the other PPE mentioned above.

Safe Lace Industrial must be worn if ‘possible danger’ of tripping, untied laces, falling or injury and accidents may occur due to an untied lace. When work boots or any laced footwear is worn, this ‘possible danger’ is always present if Safe Lace industrial is not worn.


DEMAND nothing less for your employees than the complete package in PPE and introduce Safe Lace Industrial onto all laced boots and shoes onsite.

Contact us today for your Safe Lace Industrial safety information pack and sample at or 0439 083 391.

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