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RECALL: Defects discovered in self-rescuers

A batch of self-rescuers have been recommended to be returned for assessment due to a defect has been revealed by a NSW Mine Safety Alert.

The SR50 and SR100A self rescuers have been recommended by mining equipment supplier Austdac to be returned due to a fault that may compromise performance.

“Austdac advise the affected units are SR50 and SR100A self rescuers that are belt worn and are more than five years old (i.e. manufactured in 2011 or earlier),” the safety alert said.

“This also applies to belt worn units that have been re-assigned as cached units (cached units which have not been used as belt worn units are not affected). The manufacturing date can be found on the stainless steel clamping band.”

A statement from Austdac said during inspections of the self-rescuers, they found in a number of cases that the attachment of the breathing bag to the self-rescuer may be compromised, leading to a reduction in performance of non operation.

“Initial findings indicate that mishandling, heat and humidity may be a factor in this premature ageing of the collar material,” the statement said.

They recommended that SR50 and SR100A self-rescuers which have been used as a belt worn unit and were manufactured in 2011 or earlier be returned at Austdac for a full internal inspection.

It was further recommended that further training on the handling and inspection of self-rescuers be conducted.


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