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Driver safety and reducing risk.

A key business risk in the resource sector is driving and in 2016, Safe Work Australia statistics show that 42% of all work-related fatalities for that year were due to a vehicle collision.

In many states and countries, employers have a legal duty of care to ensure their employees get home safe to their loved ones at the end of their swing as well as an unwritten moral obligation.

Due to the diverse location of many worksites and mines, employees are often required to drive company light vehicles, trucks, hire vehicles and personal vehicles both to and from site and while on operational activities.  A significant amount of this driving will be completed over long distances in remote locations. 

A lot of businesses will fit their vehicles with in-vehicle monitoring systems to provide some controls for driving on public roads. Due to the geographical diverse nature of many projects that mining companies deliver, however, employees are required to either fly-in, fly-out and/or drive-in, drive-out to commute to work.  These ‘commutes’ can involve both hire vehicles and employee’s personal vehicles.  In-vehicle monitoring systems are unable to be implemented in these cases.

A court case in Central Queensland that involved a worker being injured in a car crash while driving home from work highlighted the need for mining companies to do more to reduce the risk of fatigue and manage commutes.  In the case, Justice Duncan McMeekin stated that a study in 2008 study showed that 81 per cent of mine workers drove alone in their cars after finishing their roster.    

Although your company may already have a paper-based Journey Management Plan, does it effectively minimize the risk associated with the long commutes your employees undertake?

Introducing Journey Management System (JMS) by Ionyx.

An innovative, automated mobile and web application that provides peace of mind knowing your employees are getting where they need to go safely and without harm.

JMS is a software platform that enables employees to submit a digital JMP in line with any company’s existing JMP, Risk Assessment and Fatigue Management policies and sends real time location-based alerts as per company requirements.

Some of the alert options include notifying selected managers of staff arrival at check-in points (no end user interaction required), if the staff member is overdue, an automated escalation process or in the event the mobile device has reported a sudden stop. JMS also provides real time employee location should rescue services be required and stops recording GPS when a destination has been safely reached.

JMS will even provide verbal coaching to drivers and alert managers if they have exceeded their company’s driving fatigue management settings.

The application is auditable for internal or client reporting purposes and is designed to align with any company’s risk mitigation strategies.

Would an innovative way of reducing risk along with increased driver safety and compliance be worth looking at?

Please get in touch with the team at Ionyx to schedule your free trial.

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