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Mining apprentice electrician receives shock

apprentice electric shock
An apprentice received a shock after removing the shroud on live components

An apprentice and the supervising electrician this past week received a dangerous electric shock while re-terminating an electric supply line in an electrical cabinet.  According to information, the apprentice electrician suffered electric shock when coming into contact with live unisolated electrical equipment.

The Regulator said that while in the process of re-terminating a 1000V outgoing (de-energised) supply cable at a pump starter box, an apprentice electrician has removed the shroud from the live side of the electrical isolator and inserted a T-handle tool to loosen bolts. The apprentice suffered an electric shock. The electrician then pulled the apprentice away and also suffered an electric shock.

Recommendations to industry: Effective supervision of apprentices in the workplace is essential. Isolation points must be determined to sufficiently remove people from energy sources.

A Section 195 prohibition notice and a Section 191 improvement under the provisions of the NSW Work Health and Safety Act 2011 notice was issued to the mine in relation to this incident.
Reference: Dangerous incident | IncNot 0034018
In another electrical incident, a welder received an electric shock while holding a piece of equipment.
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