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Welding electric shock following potential earthing issues

welding electric shock
A maintainer received an electric shock while welding on a steel bench

The NSW Resources Regulator has advised of an incident at a NSW mine involving an electric shock during welding on a steel workbench

The Regulator says a worker suffered an electric shock while welding. The shock occurred when the worker steadied the welder handpiece by placing his hand on the bench.

The worker was taken to the hospital and was cleared of injury.

A number of recommendation to the mining industry have been made following repeated incidents from welding activities.

The Regulator says “There has been a recent increase in welding-related electric shocks.”

Mine operators should verify that workers completing welding activities have identified appropriate earthing points, personal protection equipment (PPE) is dry and they are appropriately trained.

Reference NSW Dangerous incident | IncNot 0033939

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