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Positive communications highlighted in truck dozer interaction incident

Positive communications has been higlighted in a truck dozer incident
Lack of positive communications together with a range of other factors was highlighted in a recent incident.

The need to ensure positive communications on sites has been highlighted in a recent incident where a truck and dozer made contact at a tip head.

But many other factors also came into play at this all too frequent tip head incident. Broken mirrors, lack of proximity detection and training around positive communications may have also contributed to the incident.

AMSJ has reported a range of incidents occurring at tip heads. A truck and dozer collided at a tip head 10 months ago and there has been a range of frequent events at mine sites across Australia. In most cases, a lack of positive communications has been a significant contributing factor.

Other factors often include:

  • the high volumes of radio traffic at the site;
  • lack of proximity detection used at the site;
  • damaged or unserviceable proximity detection equipment;
  • proximity detection equipment available, but not operated due to excessive alarming;
  • improper use of channels where multiple radio channels are used in the same area;
  • inexperienced or untrained personnel.

The most recent incident once again highlighted a number of factors.

According to the NSW mining safety regulator “A dump truck reversed into a dozer on a tip head. No injuries were reported and only minor damage was reported. The truck had a broken reversing mirror. The dozer was moving at the time.”

  • A grader and truck collide
  • excavator and dozer interaction
  • Two haul trucks collide at a tip head


In response to the latest incident, the Mine Safety Regulator says operators must consider the appropriateness of proximity detection systems to prevent machine interactions. 

It added, “Mine operators should periodically review and retrain workers about understanding positive communication between operators using large equipment.”

Moolarben in 2016 established a system for minimising interactions

“Equipment defects must be reported and systems should be put in place to stand equipment down if it is unsafe to use.”

Images NSW Resources Regulator

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