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Safety messages LED display solutions

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LED Signage and paging communications systems might seem like an odd combination of products for one company to supply but when you think about it both are about communicating safety messages, usually in text form, and this is how this combination came about for WiPath Communications.

WiPath manufactures world class paging product used around the world for emergency services communication and alarm alerting.  In the mining sector we have provided systems for use by emergency response teams as well as interfacing with other products to alert key personnel to alarm conditions, machinery outages and other automatically produced alerts and alarms.

We have also provided LED signage for wide area informational, safety and emergency alerts as well as larger entry signage for safety information, safety statistics etc.

The provision of LED signage product came about originally when we started interfacing paging receivers to LED signs for wireless remote transmission of messages to public alerting signs.  Since then we have gone on to provide high quality, indoor and outdoor electronic signage capable of showing everything from simple text messages to full video graphics.

Whilst the general perception is that paging is an older technology it still remains the most reliable means of getting critical messages to a large number of people quickly and reliably, key requirements that other means of communications such as radio and cellular are unable to emulate.  Fire/Rescue departments and healthcare continue to be major users of paging worldwide even though it has largely disappeared from public notice as a means of personal communication.

Electronic LED signage is the clear leader in displaying information where it needs to be readable from a long distance or in high brightness conditions and is widely used for emergency alerting, changeable message situations and large format indoor and outdoor video presentation.

WiPath is one of the few companies in the world who has capabilities in both these technologies. We are a major supplier to most emergency services in Australia as well as to the mining, utility and healthcare sectors. We provide safety messages solutions for the mining industry.

If you are looking for local area emergency or alerting communications and/or electronic signage please talk to us.




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