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Queensland Government Mining Safety

Queensland Government – mining safety in crisis

OPINION There are some valuable lessons for an industry when six fatal accidents occur within a relatively short time frame. Those lessons should resonate throughout the industry, not only extending...

A big thumbs down for the Queensland state budget in respect of mining safety

Queensland budget | Mine safety a token gesture

The Queensland state budget has failed to address significant on-going concerns for the safety and health of mineworkers according to members of parliament and a long term safety advocate. Jason...

landholder compensation agreements

Landholder compensation law reforms tips scales

Queensland landholders can be reimbursed for out of pocket expenses incurred in negotiating conduct and compensation agreements with a resource company – as of April 19th – regardless of...

mine safety breaches

Up to three years in prison for mine safety breaches

The Queensland Government has recently increased maximum penalties for court-based prosecutions of up to $3.9 million for mining corporations and $783,300 or 3 years imprisonment for individuals for...

north goonyella

Minister calls North Goonyella investigation

The Mackay Daily Mercury has reported this morning that the Queensland Government Minister, responsible for Mining Safety, Dr Anthony Lynham has advised he is assembling an expert team ahead of an...

safety management systems should assist management

BLACK LUNG: X-rays to be “double-checked”

The Queensland Government has launched a boosted x-ray screening system, which will see coal miners’ x-rays “double-checked” overseas. Natural Resources and Mines Minister Dr...