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Gas filled chamber death

Worker collapses, dies in poorly ventilated space

An employee suffered a deadly fall in suffocating conditions. A 3.8 metre deep chamber had inadequate and untested air circulation when a crew member fatally collapsed. Authorities recently examined...


Advancements in graphene leap towards sustainability

In a bid to cultivate a sustainable graphene-centric industry both in Australia and globally, the University of Adelaide’s ARC Graphene Research Hub made achievements in the manufacturing and...

Sandvik underground electric truck

Employer unveils zero emission electric truck

A multinational company revealed its latest eco friendly, battery powered heavy vehicle. Sandvik recently launched what is billed to be the world’s largest capacity electric truck. The TH665B...

eDumper dump truck

Electric dump truck recharges without stopping

A multinational machinery maker found a way to constantly operate electric heavy vehicles without draining battery supplies. Switzerland-based Kuhn-Gruppe recently released what it claims to be the...