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Buried continuous miner NSW mine

Continuous miner buried in roof fall

A continuous miner has been buried during work in a development panel at a NSW underground coal mine in significant-high potential incident that left other mineworkers scrambling for their lives...

Daniel Walton AWU speaks aboiut henty gold mine

Union says loader fell 10-15 metres into a void at Henty

The Australian Workers Union (AWU) told media this morning that the loader a mineworker was operating at the Henty mine in Tasmania fell 10-15 metres into a void as the roadway opened up. National...

Rescue teams search for Tasmania Mineworker missing at Henty Gold mine

Mine worker missing at Henty Gold mine

Police, mine safety officials and mine search and rescue are currently on the scene in Tasmania’s northwest where a mine worker has gone missing following a fall of ground ( mine accident) in...

name of miner trapped Cameron Goss

Police release name of miner trapped in Henty Gold mine

Tasmanian Police have released the name of the miner trapped at Henty Gold Mine on Thursday. He is Cameron John Goss, aged 44 years, of Queenstown. He is believed to have died in the accident. Police...

Tasmanian miner found dead in mine accident at Pybar Mining services Henty Gold Mine. The mine worker was operating a LHD

Tasmanian miner likely deceased in mine collapse

The worst fears of the Australian mining industry have been confirmed this morning as reports that the Tasmanian miner trapped in a loader at the Pybar Mining Services Henty Gold mine operation is...

Unlikey Henty miner survived according to police. Efforts will focus on a recovery operation

Highly unlikely that Henty miner survived accident

Police have reported this morning that it is highly unlikely that the miner at the centre of the Henty mine collapse in Tamsmania has survived and that a recovery operation could take some time...

Mining accident tasmania. Workers fear the underground miner may have died in the roof collapse

Mining accident Tasmania

Police have confirmed that they have grave fears for the underground miner trapped in a mining accident in Tasmania. “It’s probably 11, 12 hours now that the person’s been missing, so the sooner we...

Pybar mining services miner trapped in a fall of ground mine accident

Grave fears for miner trapped in Tasmanian Gold mine

Police confirmed that they have grave fears for the miner trapped in a fall of ground ( mine accident) at the Henty Gold mine in Tasmania. “It’s probably 11, 12 hours now that the...

A rockfall fatality at Great Panther mine.

Rockfall fatality at Great Panther Mexico mine

GREAT PANTHER MINING (NYSE American: GPL; TSX: GPR) has confirmed a rockfall fatality at one of its’ Mexico operations. In a statement released by the company “Great Panther”said it...

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