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Centerra Gold Waste rock dump incident

Two workers missing in waste rock dump incident

Two workers are missing feared dead following the movement of waste rock at a Canadian owned Gold-mining company (Centerra Gold) in Kyrgyzstan. Candian listed miner Centerra Gold Inc reported that...

rock bolts falls through mesh

Rock bolt falls through ventilation shaft

Worksafe Victoria has issued a mine safety alert over a failed rock bolt section fell on to a working platform. The incident has highlighted issued of dropped object protection in underground mines...

A rockfall fatality at Great Panther mine.

Rockfall fatality at Great Panther Mexico mine

GREAT PANTHER MINING (NYSE American: GPL; TSX: GPR) has confirmed a rockfall fatality at one of its’ Mexico operations. In a statement released by the company “Great Panther”said it...

Drone inspects stope

Eight arrested in China stope incident

A stope incident in China’s Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region has resulted in eight people arrested. Xinhua News reported “Eight people held accountable for a deadly mining incident in...

Dragline Bench failure at Queensland mine

Dragline bench failure incident at Queensland mine

A dragline bench failure incident recently occurred at a major Queensland Mine resulting in operators scrambling to safety. In a brief obtained by AMSJ, the Queensland Mines Inspectorate reported...

GlassTerra monitoring embankments at Mount Morgan

GlassTerra system supports monitoring ground

Queensland-based technology startup GlassTerra is collaborating with a global satellite connectivity company to conduct a pioneering proof of concept project to monitor a key embankment in real-time...

Groundprobe data aggregation software

Groundprobe launches data aggregation software

GroundProbe has launched a new data aggregation software for geotechnical sensor monitoring, MonitorIQ.  Through the centralisation of all monitoring data into one dashboard and analysis...

Dr Leonie Bradfield has worked on increasing soil dump stability

Spoil dump stability | Australian leading the way

As miners dig deeper than ever before to optimise the reserves of existing open pit mines, the geotechnical community has focused on how to best ensure spoil dump stability and reaching the...

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