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Queensland mine safety inspector crisis

Queensland mines inspectorate reaches crisis point

The Queensland mine safety inspectorate has reached a crisis point according to department insiders and a former Queensland mines inspector. Claims of internal infighting, inadequate staff resources...

Hydraulic access ladders on mining excavator was the cause of death of a mine worker in WA. Golding Contractors at Baralaba North will investigate access ladders

Hazards of hydraulic access ladders

The death of a mine worker at Baralaba North Coal mine has highlighted the potential hazards of hydraulic access ladders on mining plant. While the investigation into the death of Jack Gerdes at the...

Queensland Government Mining Safety

Queensland Government – mining safety in crisis

OPINION There are some valuable lessons for an industry when six fatal accidents occur within a relatively short time frame. Those lessons should resonate throughout the industry, not only extending...

queensland taxpayers will be forced to pay for the Linc energy cleanup - mine remediation

Queensland taxpayers to pay for cleanup

Queensland taxpayers will be now forced to pay $31M in remediation costs for the failed Linc Energy coal gasification plant site. A review of current Queensland Government budget papers has shown...

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