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Ladder safety device wins award

extension ladder safety device wins awards

A ladder safety device has one an Australian safety award for the best solution for managing a workplace health and safety risk. The device, which helps minimise the risk of falls while working on extension ladders, could also have application across the mining and resources sectors.

The product called the “Lacket” is a ladder stabiliser that stops an extension ladder from slipping sideways or falling backwards vertically. It is capable of being fitted to a broad range of extension ladders and is the only adjustable ladder safety product that enables the user to secure the ladder before using it.

ladder safety device award winner lacket

The Lacket won the National Safety Council of Australia award for was Best Solution For a WH&S Risk – Small Organisation.

The ladder safety device uses a wedging effect to secure an extension ladder to any building or structure that has an overhang. When combined with the provided safety straps to tie off the base of the ladder, the ladder is wedged or jammed into position and cannot be moved. It has undergone rigorous testing by independent engineers to prove that it can withstand the most extreme forces when in use.


The innovative ladder safety device was developed by paramedic and former plumber David Kay. David founded the Lacket company with engineer friend Daniel Seidel following a range of experiences in witnessing ladder accidents through his career.

The video below explains the use of the Lacket to improve extension ladder safety.

“As a paramedic, I was continually seeing accidents involving extensions ladders not being secured them properly,” he said.

David said “It is awesome to be recognised. You spend so much time developing a product and putting out there but you are not sure if people are taking it on or taking notice of it. But then when you get an award like this it brings home that the governing bodies appreciate what you are actually doing and that your efforts are worth it”.

Image: NSCA

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