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Strata failure at underground coal mine

strata failure in underground coal mine

The NSW Resources Regulator has reported a strata failure incident that occurred at an underground coal mine. According to the report, a roof fall occurred at an intersection in an underground coal mine. The fall was in an outbye area of the mine and extended into the cut-through, blocking the travel road. All personnel were safely evacuated and there were no injuries.

This incident is under investigation and further information may be published at a later date. The Regulator indicated that underground mines should review the adequacy of their strata monitoring arrangements and associated trigger action response plans (TARPs) to ensure that workers are not exposed to unacceptable risks associated with strata failure.

Refer to: NSW code of practice: Strata control in underground coal mines

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READ RELATED Roof fall at Moranbah North Underground

A roof fall incident at the Moranbah North underground operation has reportedly resulted in suspension of operations.

The roof fall reportedly occurred during a longwall move and no personnel have been injured in the event.

In a statement the company said “Anglo American confirms a geotechnical issue at Moranbah North during development works, which resulted in a roof fall incident.  In accordance with our procedures, no one was in the area at the time and everyone is safe with no injuries. We are taking every precaution to ensure that the situation is managed safely. We will provide an update regarding impacts in due course.”

”Geotechnical and other specialists are on-site and have begun a full investigation” an Anglo representative said.

Queensland’s Mining Safety Inspectorate staff are reportedly reviewing the details of the incident.

The incident at the Moranbah North Underground follows a range of safety-related events at Anglo American operations including the death of a mineworker at the Moranbah North mine in 2019, the evacuation of the Grasstree Mine under TARPS in November 2019. Anglo is also facing an inquest over coming months into the death of Paul Maguire at the Grasstree mine in 2014.

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