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bratt falls

Worker suffers injury after brattice falls

The NSW Resources Regulator has reported an underground coal mine worker suffered soft tissue injuries after piece of the roof of the coal mine fell off. A continuous miner driver was standing at the...

Dragline boom incident

Dragline Boom Point Sheaves Fall to Ground

Queensland Coal Inspectorate has issued a safety alert following a major structural failure of the boom point sheaves on a BE1370 dragline, which allowed the sheave assembly to fall from the boom...

coal mine worker injury

Incident involving super large bore inflator adaptors

Queensland Mines Inspectorate has released a worker who has injured at a coal mine. On 25 August 2020 a Coal Mine Worker (CMW) was deflating an ultra-class rear dump truck tyre using a super large...

fire incident at underground coal mine

Fire accident at an underground coal mine

The NSW Resources Regulator has reported a fire accident that occurred on a compressor at an underground coal mine. Two workers suffered nausea and headaches after taking about 30 minutes to...

Equipment Collision

Equipment collision at surface mine

The Queensland Coal Mine Inspector has reported an equipment collision occurred at an open cut coal mine. According to the report, during loading operations, a large excavator has swung around and...

Falls from walkways and platforms

Falls from walkways and platforms

The Queensland Coal Mines Inspector safety bulletin has released two incidents regarding coal mine workers (CMW) have fallen through a mesh walkway and a mesh platform. In both incidents the coal...

Collision incident

Collision incident at a surface mine

Resources Safety and Health Queensland has reported a collision incident at a surface mine due to lack of positive communications. According to the report, a service truck entered a drill pad to...

Bushfire smoke effects in underground mines

Bushfire smoke in underground mines

With the range of bushfires burning across Australia at the moment, miners are advised to consider the potential effects of smoke in underground mine ventilation given its ability to mask a range of...

Mineworker fatality at Carborough Downs coal mine

Brad Duxbury named as the victim in tragic mine accident

Fitzroy Australia Resources can confirm that a mine worker fatally injured in a tragic incident at the Company’s Carborough Downs mine site on Monday night (25 November 2019) was Mr Brad Duxbury, 57...

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